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Radiator power flushing

Power flushing for heating systems in Brackley, Banbury, Bicester & Buckingham

 What is power flushing? A treatment for your heating system that will increase it’s efficiency. A more efficient heating system means you will save on power bills, improve performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Should you consider power flushing your heating system?

If you’re replacing your boiler then we really recommend it. Not only is this the perfect time to power flush your heating system, it’s also a requirement of most boiler manufacturers. Not power flushing when installing a new boiler can invalidate your boiler warranty.

Tell-tale signs your heating system might need a power flush:

High power bills – due to reduced efficiency
Radiator cold spots – clogging prevents uniform heat distribution
Noisy boiler – boiler is struggling with a clogged system
Breakdowns – components like pumps and valves wear-out quicker

Radiator power flush

To restore your heating system back to full circulation we pump, at high-velocity (but low pressure to prevent damage), water that’s specially treated to remove sludge and corrosion particles. And, to help maintain your heating system’s health, we also apply a corrosion inhibitor.

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